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I'm sick OF Getting Hurt.........  

Posted by K I R I M A R U~

its a REAlLY time for me to mOVe on....

hELlO ..... 22 YEArS OLd OLreaDY........

REAlLY DeservE BETTER THan THis....

>>i feel X SHaT La TODAy

PAnas BADAn + baTUK + selESEMA +

= selESEMA baBI=

=> Dont waNT Dont waNT!!!!!!>

BOSan plak terasA ARINI

2moro (28.04) trip with DeaF CHilDren....(-EX- my sTUDENT AT Sk(2) sULTAN ALAM ShAH..) we r gOING to GENTING hIGhLaND > CITy of entertaINMENT>.... HAKHaK..... to aLl My folLowers aND mY CLaSSMAte.... JGAn jelEs baH.. nnt i crikAn souveNER kaT Korang K .. hEHehE..... c YA!!!

END of test...

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