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my journel.. reaLly enjoy at the PEAk!!!!  

Posted by K I R I M A R U~

My FRIEND (najimi) aND i haV been invITED TO JOIN LaWAtaN SAmbil BELaJAr aT gentiNG

HiGHLaND wit special child (dEAf CHilDren) from SK2 sulTAn ALaM SHaH ( MY ex pRAkTIKum )

its really2 hEPENNIng.... THis vISIT MAKe me kNOW MORE About thIS SPECIAl

CHildREN..... WE R GoING aT 8 aM And ArrivE THere aBOUT 10 Am.. ITS TAkE mm 2 hOUR


HAha Actualy THis vISIT IS My 4th time oledy..... my 3 visit i use a cable car / sky way to go up

there.. but this time i go up with a horrible bus that i think very2 terible.. buttttt. we did it!!!

bus driver hav drink a tongkat ali powerroot before that.. i guess .. hahaha.....

5 star attendence from genting management...

tq to kak Ayuni.....very nice n cute guider merangkap ppa

special chlid = 15

teachers = 12

one teacher one child.... just hold their hand... wit soft touch of loving.. =)

fuyohhhh.......we are happy family...
geli siot pegang binatang iguana 2..( a.k.a biawak la)
NAgN NAjimi...kat blakang 2 namenye putra.. die nak terjun dalam kolam 2 dpn 2..
gua bagi jer... he likes to crabby

Kak jiha nad kak Lin.. mmg sporting abes.. slalu nyakat org..
dua2 dah kawin tau...

bus going to london via genting highland

with loqman " bossy ''

sponsered by hotel theme park...

giant spider at dinasorpark.. INI BTOL2 pnye laa.. kalo kne geget bleh jadi babun.. i'm starting to waffle..

kanak2 yang riang ria
actually cikgu yang over " hahaaha

jhoven... dengan selambernye dia naik dok atas trek bumpercar dan duduk diam2 kat situ
klaka btol. dengan pantas Pn Kana as a mama angkat jhoven tarik dia kua.. security kat situ pon terpinga2.. haha lawak2..

ni stengah je dri gamba yang gua sempat upload.. this story is to be


tunggu..... salam....

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