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chaos !! SERANGAN KUTU BABUN di Aman  

Posted by K I R I M A R U~

The hostel KEDIAMAN Aman IPIK was quarantined at tHeir oWN room for suspected influenza kutu kucing(h4n4) infection have tested positive for the virus. One of the victim , mohd jais ( not the real name ) said that he was feel uncomfortable when he was woke up in the morning. when he just look at his leg and hand there are many red2 spot like a bite by mosquito but it is not..

then he was just ignore that red spot. A couple day, the red spot become many more and become worst when 12 (plus minus.. including the writer=) more students are telling that they also have the same sign. They have been taken to the Bandar Tun Razak Clinic.

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